Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Spring Holiday Homework 5: Billionaire Boy

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Fehi back again with another blog post for the holiday homework we have this spring. I read an online book called 'Billionaire Boy' written by David Williams. Its the first time I read this book so I'm still learning how to pronounce some of the words but with some of the tricks of learned throughout primary school, I'm really getting the hands of it.

I did screencastify my first time reading it out loud so hope you like it:

Feel free to see my screencastify!!!!

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Spring Holiday Homework 4: Food Critic

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Fehi back again with another blog post for the 'Spring Holiday Homework' and this is my fourth blog post. Did you know there is only 4 days left until school starts? Besides talking about school, I got a very special gift from my brother when he came back from Australia... It was " COLES COOKIES," which is what I said when I saw them.

Cole's Cookies are more than just cookies to me they are a chocolatey medium crunch cookies that taste like a bite from heaven. If you didn't know this about, I have a close bond with these cookies an I was so happy to see he brought me 25 boxes of cookies... But I had to give about 15 of them to my close family, which meant I had 10 left.

What I Liked:

I think I enjoyed everything about these cookies, especially there real, smooth chocolate chip cookies they have inside them. Each bite of the cookies had plenty of chocolate chips inside. My siblings and nieces enjoyed them so we finished all ten of the leftover boxes in just almost 6 days.

What I Disliked:

I basically disliked nothing except my family thought they didn't pack enough cookies in each box    (which is saying something cause they pack a lot of cookies inside).

Image result for coles cookiesHeres a photo of the box of cookies cause I didn't take a photo of them.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

The Best Place In My Neighborhood....

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Fehi back again with another blog post for the Spring Holiday Homework assignments the senior school has over the holiday. This is my third blog post for this specific type of blog post and my goal for this spring is to be able to finish all eight assignments before school starts on the 22nd of October

For today's blog post I have to describe my favorite place in my neighborhood, while I guess neighborhood means the street and the closer things around you. I just recently moved into this house cause my old house and many other pupils around Mt Roskill is currently being demolished into little specs of dust and large blocks of wood and other appliances. My family and I are still getting used to being around this side of Mt Roskill so for me, its not quite my neighborhood yet. So instead I will talk about my old neighborhood.

This neighborhood was very quiet and most people knew each other ( mainly the houses closet to them). I grew up with many friends that soon became family members and to this day we are all still in touch with each other. My favorite part in my neighborhood was probably the small alleyway which leads to the main road that leads to the  Puketapapa Mountain.

The small alleyway was filled with leaves and plants and little bushes and sometimes the neighbors around the alleyway would say hello to us and then that would start a brand new friendship.

So that is the best place in my neighborhood... (In my opinion)

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Monday, October 1, 2018

Spring Holiday Homework 2: Kiwi Kids News

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Fehi back again with my second blog post for the spring holiday homework. For today's blog post I will be writing a short yet very informative summary about an article  I read on Kiwi Kids News. The article I read was all about Australia and how a part of the land was vanished by erosion ( which mean it was caused by wind, water, and natural sources and weathers. This whole incident took place on Sunday 23rd September 2018, and the article was published on the 27th of September. I recently learned a lot of things in this very short article, for example, lands can vanish and when they vanish cars and many large objects go with it.

Since this event took place they have urgently told the pupil in Inskip Point in Queensland to avoid this area. They mainly told the people to avoid the area because this wasn't the first time its happen in Inskip Point... Its the second time, the first time in 2015 cars, tents and a caravan vanished with the land.

If you learned something in this blog post, feel free to tell me in comments down below.
Don't forget to check out Kiwi Kids News for more news to learn.
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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Spring Holiday Homework 1: Problem Solving

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Today is my first blog post for the 'Spring Holiday Homework' and I'm super excited about it.
For today's post, it is about Problem Solving.
You remember that I did the same problem-solving slides for the 'Winter Holiday Homework'
So I will now show you the same slides as a throwback for the week.

For all the folks that didn't see my other post about problem-solving, this is for you:

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Breaking News!

How’s your day been bloggers,

Today I read an article about how the koalas are endangered… Yep that’s right, the lovely, cute aussie animal is endangered. The fluffy, adorable animals are in the news cause it’s important for all those koala lovers to know that there favourite animals maybe extinct in 2050.
“2050,” is what you are probably thinking and yes I know that's like miles away from now but it's important for the generation before us to see them and to see the beauty of Australia.

In this article the WWF- which stands for World Wildlife Fund, said that many of the natural koala’s homes are being destroyed throughout all these years.

The estimated guess of how many koalas are in New South Wales are only 20,000 .

What would you do if you were a koala and your home is being taken apart right in front of your eyes?

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

My Pepeha!!!!

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So on Thursday, my class had Papa Jarrod again and we were learning about our Pepeha for school. Yazmine and I did ours together because she didn't have her chrome-book that day.

We made a slide-show so hope you enjoy:

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