Saturday, August 11, 2018

Parekowhai Class Takes The Stage!!!!!

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On Thursday 9th August 2018, Parekowhai Class took the stage for assembly. We showed our outstanding voices and grooving yet trendy dance moves to the wonderful yet clever pupil of Hay Park School. Our blogs were shared and our performance made smiles. The hall of Hay Park is where it is held, as we encouraged the school to check our blogs out.

Our Performance
Firstly we started off our assembly the national anthem with the school. We sang gracefully and our hearts were filled with joy. Soon we invited one of the best singers in Hay Park School, Mrs. Rai to the stage of awesomeness to help us sing a song called ‘ The Wake-Up Song’. We then showed our audience our wickedly cool voices and flexible stretches. We sang with our mouths opened to the fullest and our bodies we stretched to the limit. The song soon finished and we showed our audience how we sit down- respectfully.

Holiday Blog Challenge
Then after we sang with our joyful voices, we told the school about the blogging challenge we did over the holidays. Did you know in the amazing Parekowhai Class we have been blogging over the holidays so we can interact with our blog audience, not only during school time but also during the school holidays. Mandita (Another student in my class) was the first to present he work, which was definitely outstanding. (Don’t forget to check her blog) Soon after Mandita finished her shared her wonderful work it was Simon’s turn to his blog post about a ‘Dog Doing CPR’. If you ask it was a pretty amazing blog post.

Bad Habits
Do you have a bad habit? While that was the next thing my class shared about. Luckily we had two very brave students from my class shared their bad habits. For two girls I've known for a long I sure didn’t know this, but out of everything that I’ve learnt in this assembly I realized there is always something brand new that you can learn from anyone about anything. Rhia and Gloria were the lucky two for this one.

Cook Island Language Week.
Did you that last week was Cook Island Week. In my class, we made an artwork from the Cook Island called Tivaevae. In Parekowhai Class we only have one person in my class comes from the Cook Islands and her name is Inagaro if you didn’t that means love in the Cook Island. Ina shared some information about one of the most popular places in Magaia which is where she comes from in the Cook Island.

If you are new to my blog then you probably don’t know what this is on about. Here’s a quick brief about what I’m about to write about. So have you ever wondered why Youtube actually exist? While in my class we answered the two most pondered questions in our class. Those questions were, have you ever wondered why we have goosebumps? Or why do we yawn? If you would like to know how we yawn check out my previous blog posts. Patrick ( One of my classmates) was the lucky one who got to share his Youtube Recommendation. Also, don’t forget to check out Patrick's blog.

Sea Life Extinction
There was once a healthy yet fit turtle living its life in the amazing ocean. Until he found a piece of twine and a long strip of plastic. Auckland Zoo Hospital soon took the turtle to treat it but little did they it was the turtle last couple days. Yesss!!!! It’s true the poor thing died. Mose was another student from my class who was lucky to share his work. Don’t forget to go check his blog out.

Overall the assembly went to plan besides the Ipad which was filming our assembly fell during the middle of the assembly. Also towards the end, we had a round of applause but we didn’t really get to say our two last lines. We had a pretty great assembly!!! Can’t wait for the next one…

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Why Do We Yawn Poster!!!

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Fehi here again with another blog post. Today during class I made a poster about what I've learnt so far about yawning. I made a poster for you guys to learn about yawning too. In Parekowhai class ( My Classroom) we have been focusing on questions that we have always wondered.

Here is my poster about yawning:

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My YouTube Recommendation!!!

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Te Reo Maori

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Today in my class we had Te Reo Maori, and our Maori teacher taught us some really important questions about our relationships at school.
So them I had to make a slide-show which had the questions he taught us and also me pronouncing them.

Here is my slide-show about Te Reo Maori:


Do you know how to speak Maori, let me know in the comments!

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Winter Holiday Homework 1!!!!

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Fehi back again with another blog post, today I will be showing you guys one of the tasks that I've done so far and it is a math activity. I had to solve a question from one of the winter holiday tasks my teacher set up for me an my class and I started from level 1 which was easy to level 3 which was harder than the other questions.

My Reflection:

I really enjoyed doing this activity and try doing all the question and figuring them out it did get harder but in the end, I finished the task and I believe that I've done very well. I can't wait until the next activity- Are you?

Are you excited for the next blog post? - because I am!!!

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Winter Holiday Homework!!!

Hello Blog World,

This is not actually a blog post of me doing my homework for the holiday. I have just made this to introduce the fact that I will be blog posting throughout the winter holidays in New Zealand. All my blog posts will be to share with you all my winter homework.

This blog post is not meant to be too long but just have a fun and safe holiday.

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Last Day Of School!!!

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Today is the last day of school for term 2 at Hay Park School. We had a pretty good day so far we went to the flying fox park located in Mt Roskill for a block to hang out with some of our room 8 friends.
My class and I had so much fun playing with all the students form the class and also a huge thanks to Ina for picking this prize for my class.

Here is a photo of how it went, I'm in  the background:

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