Friday, November 24, 2017

J.K. Rowling's Group takes over Henderson Class

Hey Bloggers,

I'm back with the uploads. Today in my class we all got into our reading groups and created a poster and we had to present it. My Reading group is called J.K Rowling named after the one and only J.K Rowling. If you don't know J.K Rowling is the person that created the book Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beast. Each of us in the group had a turn speaking but we did have rules. In my group there was Shreya, Taylor, Raymond, Jay, Talal, Eshaan and I. When we made our poster we kinda had a Harry Potter theme because she created the book Harry Potter. After We created our posters we practice what we were going to say.

After assembly we had to present our Poster and here's a video to show you how our presentation went.
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Collaboration work

 Hey blog world, today my class had another cyber smart lesson. We did something different instead of doing comments we were talking about collaboration and how it can be a stressful thing. First we went on document but we didn't have to make a copy, we had to share it as a class. everyone was trying to find a cell but most people could and most people couldn't.

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Friday, September 1, 2017


  Hey blog world, Here is a explanation on how to care for chicks. The reason why I did this is because we recently had some chicks in our class. And we would like to help other people who are know owners for chicks. So I hope this helped you.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ports of Auckland trip with senior classes

Talofa Bloggers,

Last week the senior classes at Hay Park School went to an amazing location which is at the city and each class had there own parent helpers. In Henderson Class our parent helpers were Lillias's mum, Ina's mum, Chirslynn's mum, Eshaan's mum also Ms Musa. Each parent had 4 students in each group, but in Chrislynn's mum's group there were 5 students because Miss V was helping in there group. When all the student got in to there group we walk to the bus, when we went inside the bus it was like a plane. There was this storage area on the top of were we sat were we could put our bags. Each student had to sit with another student, the person I sat with was one of my friends. Then we went out of the bus to walk around the city. Soon after our walk around the city we went and had lunch, each class would sit with the teachers and the rest of there class to eat. Finally we went to pier 4 and went on the furry, Shreya, Lounise, Amanda, Janine, Zaria and me were all sitting on one table. Most of my friends were sea sick. So that was our day here are some photo's of the trip. What a great day with all my friends.  


Stalking Time!!!

In Henderson Class, Mr Hopkins came to teach us about cyber safety. Today we did something different we were stalking each other on google images. Here are a few people I found. I really enjoyed this session even tho the whole class found me. I am happy that I didn't find any photo's I didn't like. This session was all about what kind of photos you put up on google. I found some of family member's, friends, old teachers and even some class mates.

Friday, June 9, 2017


Bula blogger,

On Thursday the senior classes did skateboarding with Martin. My class was the first class to do skateboarding, but most people in my class can't do skateboard(talking about me) . The first thing we did was we had a recap on what we did last week. The main thing we were focusing on was learning to ride with two feet and also we learnt how to use our heels and toes to turn. At the end of our lesson we had a freestyle skate, and if you were really good at skating you would be able to the roundabout. But if you weren't like my friends and I you would go to the other court and practice your pushing and two feet skating.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Samoan Week

Samoan Week

This week in Henderson class we have been looking at some Samoan things. Most of the Samoan things where very similar Tongan things. The one thing I liked the most was the war weapon because it had carved patterns. We had also learned how to say some word in Samoan like "Oa mai oe ?". That means " How are you?"