Thursday, December 20, 2018

Summer Learning Journey:Day 2 Activity 1

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Fehi here again and todays Summer Learning Journey is about the Tāne Mahuta and weather we would like to visit it or not. I would like to say thank you to Megan and the Summer Learning Journey team for letting me join in this program.

What is Tāne Mahuta: Tāne Mahuta is forest in the Waipoua Forest in Northland. Some people may call it the 'Lord Of The Forest'.

Whats so cool about it: In the Tāne Mahuta there is the largest (meaning the biggest) Kauri tree in the Country (New Zealand).

Why Would I like to visit the Tāne Mahuta: I would really like to visit Tāne Mahuta in real life because I would like to see the biggest kauri tree in the country. If I were able to go there I would take a photo of me next to it and share it with my friends so they can experience what it feels like to see something very rare and cool.

So here's how my trip would be like if I could visit the Tāne Mahuta.

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Summer Learning Journey:Day 1, Activity 3 Ice, Ice Baby!!!

Hello blog world,

Fehi here again and todays task is too right how to do a Digital Footstep (what we leave the internet).
A digital footstep is what you do on the internet and the bigger it gets it means your doing something not too responsible. So I made this footstep to show you the difference of Personal and Private information.

Hope You enjoy my blog post see you guys tomorrow.
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Summer Learning Journey: Day 1 activity 2 North and South!!!!

Hello again bloggers,

Fehi back again with another blog post of the week so in today's activity for Day one activity 2. SO for today's activity I have to write about my hometown which is in the Kingdom Of Tonga, Nuku'alofa. I hope you guys enjoy it and always stay tuned for tomorrow's blog post. Once again thank you Megan and the summer learning journey team for letting HPS in this program.

My Hometown:

The island of Tonga is a a very beautiful, kind, warming place you are able to have fun, be free and be thankful while your there. So in my hometown Nuku'alofa also known as the capital of Tonga is were I come, that and also Vava'u ( which is another place in Tonga were I also come from). Most students from HPS come from Tonga and also Samoa which is amazing to be in a room full of Polynesian students. The ground of Nuku'alofa is rocks and the scenery are long beautiful palm trees. Also the bright, beaming sun is always there but sometimes a little to much if you ask me.

Thats the island of Nuku'alofa to me.
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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Summer Learning Journey Activity 1: Top 3 Facts!!!

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Fehi back again with another blog post for 'The Summer Learning Journey' and one Monday was the first day to start the activites and here I am starting it. So in This weeks task we are basing it off the land habitats of Aotearoa New Zealand. So in the first activity we had to find out top 3 task from this website(Link Here) and put them into our own words. Once again thank you Megan and the summer learning journey team for letting my school be apart of this.

Here's my Top 3 facts in my own words:

Fact 1: Original New Zealanders are also called kiwis but kiwi is not the fruit. It is a New Zealand's native flightless bird.

My version/twist to it: Us fellow New Zealander's are normally called kiws but what most people may perhapes is were named after the fruit but really were named after our native bird which u may not know the rare bird is flightless.

Fact 2: Original The official language is English and Maori.

My version/twist to it: The most common language's spoken here in New Zealand is English and Maori.

Fact 3: Original It is one of the three countries in the world that has two official national anthems of equal standing. The first is God Save the Queen and the other is God Defend New Zealand.

My version/twist on it: New Zealand is one in three countries to have two official national anthems. The first one is 'God Save the Queen' and the second one is 'God Defend New Zealand'.

Hope you guys enjoyed my three facts.
Come back tomorrow for the next activity.
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Thursday, December 13, 2018

My Summer Learning Journey Practise!!!!

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Fehi back again with a blog post. Today it is about the Summer Learning Journey and it is a program about how most student go through the 'Summer Slide' which is when students who are learning and doing work in the holidays have a better start to learning and they are keeping there progress from the year before. So this activity is about how we have to pretend we came from the islands and into New Zealand, so we had to write a letter about our journey coming over to NZ.
Thank You Megan and the Summer Learning Journey team for letting Hay Park School apart of this cool program.

Here's my letter:

Dear Mum,

I have just arrived in New Zealand and let me tell you about the adventure coming here. It was harsh, sharks were swimming and my lungs were about to explode. The food we had on the boat was barely anything the size of the corn was the size of a rock. It was bad luck, my shell broke so that is why I write this letter to you today. You may think this is Fehi but it is her assistant Sariah... but i'm really sorry to say this to you by a letter, she died. The shark ate her head off then all her blood was everywhere. I am really sorry to ask this but can you pick me up from the dock.

From Sariah and Fehi ( from above)

Thursday 13th December

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Christmas Day 3

Hey Blog World,

Fehi back again with another blog post about the Advert Calendar of the 10 days of Christmas.
Today we do Day 3 which I know i'm a bit behind but I know I will soon get there. So today's task is about a scene from Christmas and I did the Christmas of Love.

Hope you enjoy and there's only seven more days to go.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Day 2 Of the advent calendar!!

Hello Blog World,

Fehi here again with another blog post but this time it is about the second day of my advent calendar.
If you don't know what the advent calendar is, it is about a count to the last day of school were we will be blogging every single day till Friday 14th December which is next week. Our Task was to find a famous Christmas tree from any where around the world and I picked a tree from Japan.

So here's my drawing of my favorite famous Christmas tree:

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